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Nov 3 15 9:20 PM

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Upon hearing our Halloween episode it occurred to us we were WAY too sober! We decided to have a Drunk Around The Campfire show to make up for it! We talk Fake News Stories, Making a Firenado, Slowed Down Chipmunks, The Huge Gash, Giant Space Skull, and Crime Scene Cleanup! PLUS: Listener Questions and Spacepod fan, Adrianna, joins us for News Quiz and a Special Sassy Mad Lib!


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Nov 3 15 9:33 PM

Henry Rollins on the death of Joe Cole. Pretty fucking heavy shit.

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Nov 4 15 7:23 AM

holy shit the last time I posted was almost 5 months ago...I have been away from the forum for too long.

Henry Rollins is a hero of mine, and I have had the honour to meet him twice now.
I have also heard that story live and no matter how many times you hear it, the whole room is quiet and its some serious deep shit man.

I have first account experience with the death cleaners and I can confirm that they arent cheap at all. When my grandmother died (you may know the story from a previous episode) we had to get the cleaners to come as she died on the floor. It cost roughly $1000 as they had to cut a square out of the floor and humans no matter how they die always are messy. Here in Canada thankfully they need a certificate from the government to be in that type of business but you are fully correct in saying that there arent many companies around who specialize in that type of work.

I think the worst word for a ladies parts is Jigger. Its a real dictionary word that was used for not only a ladies vagina, but 23 other meanings.
but the ultimate worst word is not moist, its squelch. so gross.

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Nov 6 15 4:21 PM

I saw Henry Rollins do a spoken word at UW back in the late 90s. I'm pretty sure he told that story then. It was pretty intense.

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