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Oct 14 15 10:53 AM

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There's now a confirmed NEW photo of Billy The Kid! We talk about that and the story of the Fastest Gun in The West himself! PLUS: Playboy goes Cray-boy, James Dean Death Car News, Creepy Mexican Mannequin, Robot Sex and The Future of Humankind, Jersey Devil Doll, Legged-Shmoo and News Quiz!

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Oct 14 15 4:20 PM

Cavaliers! Meet the most mysterious 'creatures' of the deep ocean

 "Nin Nin Jane or Egen (Ningen), a creature that was retold in Japan a few years ago. There are rumors of sightings around the Antarctic Ocean. By resemble humans The snowy white The whale is the size of a length of 20-30 meters.
In addition to its size, the eerie ago. Its bizarre appearance Sometimes a witness is quoted as saying. It has no arms and two legs, standing, some would claim. It's like a mermaid with two fingers, arms, fins and tail. They are the faces of the eyes and mouth. Similar to humans"

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