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Jun 23 15 10:04 PM

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Lawn Darts and Easy Bake Ovens are just the beginning. We cover some of the most ridiculously dangerous toys of all time! PLUS:Fatal Pedicure, Kentucky Fried Rat, Vag-Lifts, Moon Storms, Monster of the Week, WTF of the Week and News that might Send Chris To Hell!


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Jun 24 15 4:44 AM

The Yaybahar: Man Invents The Coolest Acoustic Instrument In The World - See more at:


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Jun 24 15 7:10 AM

So KFC took the "rat" and did an internal investigation, they ran DNA tests on it and concluded it was chicken and now are demanding the man apologizes and to take all the pictures down. Do your research lesser Chris! Lol

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Jun 24 15 7:46 AM

Pics or it never happened! Actually...DID they take footage of this internal investigation? I'd watch that. And I think by the time we were recording this ep the news hadn't come out yet about the DNA test. Interesting to know that there is actually chicken in kfc though.

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Jun 24 15 7:58 AM

I don't believe there is any footage/pics of it. Since it was internal, I smell conspiracy!!! Seriously though they could easily lie about it. Should have been investigated by a neutal party. 

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Jun 24 15 8:01 AM

Also still can't track down Victoria, which is really bumming me out. 

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Jun 24 15 9:58 AM

Honestly, whenever I hear "internal investigation" it's kinda hard NOT to think it's bullshit. My favorite is when the government looks into itself to see if there was wrongdoing and decides that no, there was no wrongdoing. Case closed. That's my favorite.

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Jun 24 15 2:46 PM


On my copy of Zeppelin III (which I'm certain is an earlier pressing) says "So Mote Be It" on both sides. The phrase basically means, "so may it be". There's some strangness to the phrase, being as it was/is used by Free Masons and Rosicrutians as a form of "amen".

Apparently, a combination of "Do What Thou Wilt" and "So Mote Be It" can be found on early pressings. Sometimes just one phrase or the other can be found on both sides(like mine), or one phrase on side A and one on side B. From what I understand, it's all a big cluster-fuck, but interesting nonetheless.

On another note: my brother's girlfriend and possibly my brother(I can't remember whether or not he was there when this occurred), saw a strange creature at her mother's house a couple years ago. The house is located near a large lake and there is a lot of undeveloped and forested land near this location. So, there is a chance this thing could hide out.

Supposedly, what she saw could be compared to the Beast of Bray Road, or some type of dogman. From what I remember her telling me, it was in the range of 7 feet tall, broad at the shoulders and super dark in color. She saw it late at night, but could tell that something wasn't right about it. It definitely wasn't a man, she said. I'm going to try and get her to let me record her account and send it in.

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#14 [url]

Jun 24 15 3:44 PM

Thanks for sharing, Bird! Cool to see people pulling out their records and giving a look. Also interesting beast tale. If more deets come out about that let us know. And yeah Jon Mark I spose "peddy" has other implications...

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Jun 24 15 5:01 PM

I LOVE those Google AI pictures! I changed my work desktop wallpaper right away. They really are beautiful, surreal, frightening and inspiring all at the same time! When the terminators come for us I'll have the comfort of knowing that I would find their images beautiful!

Messed up stuff!!!

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