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Jun 2 15 7:32 PM

Also, as much as I am repulsed by watching critters feed on critters in the wild...There's a 24/7 cam setup to track the lives of barn owls in a makeshift dwelling. I check in from time to time to see how they're doing (it's as close as I have gotten to a 'reality' show) The past few weeks though, the adult owls having been dropping off full sized rodents for the young in the nest, the deer bit instantly reminded me of this -

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Jun 2 15 8:23 PM

Funny I was JUST watching an eagle cam this morning. Also Dollface smokes those Crush cigs and it's like turning your smoke into a ducking Halls. Exhilarating.

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Jun 3 15 1:51 PM

When I smoked those I ALWAYS crushed it. I mean, might as well just buy menthols at that point. Crushing the bead is just one more little addictive ritual. Those crafty tobacco barons man...

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Jun 3 15 7:57 PM

I recall the days of Joe Camel, Camel Bucks, and Marlboro Miles (the 90s) - you could secure a pack of Camels for a buck-ninety, and on a special promo day, it was buy one get one free. I don't know what they're raking in for across the river right now for non generics, but upwards of 6 bucks here seems astounding to me.

I'm also an accomplished hand roller, but I can't stomach the taste of low grade tobacco or the eventual yellowed 'ass thumb' that develops from being a committed roller. I knew this older gent from the local dives a while back that used to whip out one of those 100 roll book of tops that runs about a buck total (about a cent a paper) I've been there too, but he used to go that extra mile - around to the ashtrays and salvage his tobacco from abandoned cigarette butts. But he didn't stop there, he'd create a work station at the bar, out comes the manual cigarette roller device, a leathermans, and some masking tape.

Once he had his cigarette rolled and packed tight, he'd tape the spent butts to the ends and then shoot you this look that said "yeah, that's how I stick it to the man" (20 cents a pack, just like the bad old days)...

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