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Jun 2 15 8:26 PM

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We discuss of the science, mystery, legends, myths and wackiness surrounding the giant cheese ball in the sky! PLUS: The Poltergeist Curse, Hand Babies, Man-Eating Trees, Secret Space-Plane, Drone Discovery and News That Might Send Chris To Hell!


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#3 [url]

Jun 3 15 11:43 AM

Shia Labeouf wants you to join ISIS. He doesn't just do TED talks.

I love that crazy bastard.
I remember you guys saying that you don't like him. I don't know if it'll chance your minds or not, but check out Fury. His performance in that film was awesome!

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#4 [url]

Jun 3 15 1:49 PM

Oh I have no problem with Shia the Beef as an actor at all, he was, as you said, awesome in Fury. I also have a Mea Culpa regarding the biblical story I related incorrectly. I guess Onan was just refusing to get is Sister-in-law pregnant and using the pull out method, not actually whacking it instead. However, parts of that story WERE used by certain religions in discussions about "Self love" so my point still stands. Whatever freaks, go fuck yourselves. Get it?

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#6 [url]

Jun 5 15 9:49 AM

I havent been on the forums in forever and i havent even finished the current episode yet but Lyle's "truth" bit had me gagging for air.

An obligatory salute must be made. Well played, sir. Well played.

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