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May 26 15 11:02 PM

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A wacky news story roundup including: A very Musical Fart, Death by Atomic Wedgie, The Sneeze Slapper, Banning the Clap, Sky Wieners and more! PLUS: Charlie-Charlie Challenge, Meat-Eating Deer, Positive Thinking and News That Might Send Chris To...Heaven?

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May 28 15 11:16 AM

I feel for you guys, I have depression and anxiety too. I'm on Zoloft and it helps a lot. They had to up my dose though because they said a lower dose handles depression but it takes a higher dose to tackle anxiety. It's been successful. Better living though chemistry. Best of luck Chris!

A good question is.......Ron......ARE YOU a value plus member? I don't remember hearing if you are or not. Your fans want to know!

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May 30 15 9:05 AM

Yeah, I didn't figure there would be any touring happening when a member of the band is an animal. Sad. They could do a hologram of him, or have footage on the jumbotron hehe.

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#19 [url]

Jun 1 15 9:53 AM

Maybe that Magic Leap thing will do something like that? Have some kinda rainbow mongoose runnin' around, curling around your neck and scampering up and down your arms...

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#20 [url]

Jun 2 15 7:25 PM

Finally caught the full episode in it's entirety last night. I wasn't aware that Ron was alergic to THC, what hell it must have been to go through an alergic reaction in a social type setting. Myself, it seems the older I get, the more I just burn out on the ritual of smoking pot (which always includes the arraingment to get it part) This side of the river (Portland) goes legal in July, although it will be another year (2016) until the common Joe can wander into a green cross to purchase anything. If I were still in my twenties I'm sure I'd be a lot more excited. Tolerance builds quickly and it's so easy to fall into 'pot abuse' - smoking, then stuffing your face, then repeating the cycle. I like to maintain a small tolerance and use it as a tiny creative boost whenever I'm writing or drawing something by hand. But even that's a rare occurance for me anymore. Tolerance is key though, once that tolerance slips away, paranoia, anxiety, all that can really take a grip, especially if you get a sativa strain that amplifies those effects. 

My dillema at present though is smoking tobacco. I quit smoking about 5 years ago (cold), then in April went through an unexpected death and other external stress, now I'm back. Five years absence from smoking, I come back to it and the shelves are stocked with such gimmicky shit that it's more variety than the candy isle. Marlboro 'Black'? Camel 'Crush' Bold? I was buying these Camel 'Crush' Bolds for abut a month thinking, well shit, these must be 'bolder' - it took me weeks to read the back of the box to realize that there's a little ball containing a dose of liquid menthol substance, you crush the ball and it shoots menthol from the filter down a length hollowed out of tobacco in the ciggarette, and you go instantly from regular to menthol. Genius! And even more incentive to quit again.

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